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Date: 2005-10-23
Place: USA
Judge: Mr. Willi Ohl (DV-Germany)
Results by: Nausica,


Eris von Pontiffhaus Dan Rose, TN
BH Passed
Rollo Dameon Berry, TN
BH Passed
Blitzstrahl vom Mueller Hoff SchH1 Theresa Branham, VA SchH1 Pulled
Enriot V Dragonerreich SchH3-IPO3-FH Kathy Males, IL SchH3 91-83-85=259 p
Cita v.d. Urftquelle SchH3-VPG3-IPO3-FH Anne Conray, MN SchH3 70-85-96=251 p
Cara's Graaf Quinton SchH3-IPO3-AD-ZTP1A Lindsay Davis, VA SchH3 83-87-87=257 p
Fabio Abba Sonia SchH3-AD-ZTP Elizabeth & Matt Akenhead, VA SchH3 79-83-87=249 p
Cali Germania VPG3-FH Sandy Pope, TN SchH3 Pulled
Evita V. Dragonerreicht SchH3-ZTP1A John Kowalczyk, NC SchH3 96-90-94=280 p - High in Trial

Best Tracking awarded to Evita V. Dragonerreicht SchH3-ZTP1A

Best Obedience awarded to Evita V. Dragonerreicht SchH3-ZTP1A

Best Protection awarded to Cita v.d. Urftquelle SchH3-VPG3-IPO3-FH


Leistung Sieger Winner 2005 title to Evita V. Dragonerreicht SchH3-ZTP1A



Linsday and Cara's Graaf Quinton starting Tracking

John and Evita listening to the Judge's critique after tracking



Enriot V Dragonerreich with handler, Kathy Males

Fabio Abba Sonia with handler, Matt Akenhead



Anne and Cita v.d. Urftquelle preparing for the Escape

Attaching the helper

Courage Test


Best Protection winner Cita v.d. Urftquelle with handler Anne Conray,
DV Judge Mr. Willi Ohl, and helpers, Charles Lerner and James Laney

President of ADA thanking the DV judge, Mr. Willi Ohl

Public watching the ADA events


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