Work Results   First ZTP in UK
Date: 2010-03-20
Place: United Kingdom
Judge: Hans Wiblishauser
Helper: Normann Khone
Chairman: Martin Pabst


History was made for the Dobermann on Saturday 20th March 2010 when the first ever fit for breeding test was held in the UK.

The UKDA (United Kingdom Dobermann Association) held the first ever ZTP on Saturday 20th March 2010, judged by Mr Hans Wiblishauser. With 9 Dobermann taking part, 7 dogs passed and 2 deferments able to re-take the test from 3 months time.

The test on the day included identification checks, a 48 point conformation test with each point being graded (a copy of which is given to the handler) and a character test which covered temperament around strangers and groups as well as courage, with health tests having to be passed some weeks prior to the test day as well having passed a BH (Begleithundprufung) the German obedience and temperament test.

No Dobermann litters in Germany are registered with their Kennel Club unless both parents have passed the ZTP test, ensuring that only the very best dogs are bred from.


Chancepixies Juggernaut 1A SG1A
Aritaur Vincent Vega 1A V1A
Axel von Schattenjagger B SG1A
Aritaur Histabraq 1A V1A
Jaegerson the Outlaw of Proform 1A held back
Chancepixies Femme Fatale 1A SG1B
Supeta’s C’est La Vie for Kaistart 2B held back
Amber Sea Adele Great 1A V1A
Oberstein Arabs Fantasy 1A SG1B


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Left to right: Christopher McMullen with Aritaur Vincent Vega, Helper - Normann Khone, Martin Horgan with Aritaur Histabraq, ZTP Director - Martin Pabst (Warringhoff), Inguna Grasse with Amber Sea Adele Great, Andrew Ball with Oberstein Arabs Fantasy, Judge - Hans Wiblishauser (DV & IDC President), Sandra Clam with Chancepixies Femme Fatale, Sandra Dearing with Jaegerson the Outlaw of Proform, David Anderson with Chancepixies Juggernaut, John Layton with Supeta's C'est La Vie for Kaistart and Des Connolly with Axel von Schattenjagger. Not pictured: Kathrin Pabst (Warringhoff) who acted as ZTP Manager.