Work Results   ZTP Moscow
Date: 2011-08-12
Place: Moscow, Russia
Judge: Thomas Becht
Results by:


Pride Of Russia Navarra HD-1 V1A
Pride Of Russia Revolution HD-1 V1A
Pride Of Russia Marusja HD-1 V1A
Pride Of Russia Sidor HD-1 V1A
Sant Kreal Finansist HD-1 V1A
Zolotaya Dinastiya Neygauz HD-1 V1A
Graphic Line Sequence HD-1 SG1A
Smart Wood Hills Hrabroe Serdtse HD-1 SG1A
Filimamont Western HD-1 V1B
Pride Of Russia Moxito HD-1 V1B
Smart Wood Hills Ursula HD-1 V1B
Stinger Vom Haus Erfullungen Vunschen HD-1 SG1B
Nevskiy Tserber Ursula Star Universe HD-1 held back